Maximise your investment in your Microsoft EA while preparing for the future

With an Enterprise Agreement, you have access to Microsoft Deployment Planning Service days

Changes are coming and if you don't act you will lose out!

Book your Deployment Planning Days today - they are about to expire!

Effectively implementing and using the technology you have acquired on your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is the only way you will receive value from your investment, otherwise all you have is shelf ware.

Altron Karabina and Microsoft want to assist you in this process through the use of your Deployment Planning Days that you already own, as a benefit of your Microsoft EA.

Deployment Planning Services can kick start the process of taking the software off the shelf, and putting it to good use, as was the intention when you purchased it.

The Altron Karabina Deployment Planning Services will help you streamline deployments, with plans tailored to the needs of your organisation, all at no additional cost to you!

You do have to move quickly though. You will not be able to use your DPS days for cloud engagements if you have not claimed them by 1st February 2020.

From the 1st February 2020, you will also not be able to convert Training vouchers to DPS vouchers, and training vouchers will not be eligible for Azure training.

You could be losing hundreds of thousands of Rand’s in assistance in moving to the cloud, planning migrations, cloud deployments and ultimately losing on the significant investment you have made in your Microsoft EA.

Altron Karabina can help you to claim these days before 1st February 2020 and advise you on what is best for your organisation. We then have up to 6 months to help you with on-premise or cloud planning, assessments, health checks and more, using these days.

Are you asking yourselves these questions?

  • We need help to understand how and if it is financially viable to move to the cloud.
  • We are spending a lot of money on Office 365 but have no idea if we are getting value or even if our people are using what we have bought for them.
  • We have read so many scary stories about security. We think we safe in the cloud, or are we? We don’t know. What is our security exposure in the cloud?
  • We need to ensure that we account for every cent in the business, especially in IT. Are we getting the real value from our Office 365 investment, are there other things we could be using it for?
  • We want to migrate our current Office and SharePoint environments to the cloud. It looks like something we should be doing but it sounds hard and we don’t know where to start.


As Altron Karabina, we are trusted by our customers – we understand the questions, pains and fears, that our customers have when making major shifts and technology decisions. We have partnered with many organisations on similar journeys and would love the opportunity to assist you in yours!. Get in touch so we can start off the journey with you.

Altron Karabina can help you!

Assistance in creating a deployment, upgrade or migration plan

We can help you in understanding your requirements and creating plans for your deployments, upgrades and migrations.

Health check for your on-premise environment

Check the health of your current on-premise environment from identifying legacy issues, security, number of users, size and any potential issues that would prevent upgrades or modernisation projects.

Roadmap for migration from SharePoint to Office 365

Get a roadmap for migration from SharePoint to Office 365 and recommended licensing requirements.

Office 365 Roadmap

Get a roadmap for Office 365 that includes a view of the cost, areas of optimisation, security issues and the state of adoption.

Understanding your current level of adoption

Get help understanding the current level of adoption of your technology through assessments

Custom Deployment Plans

Build a custom deployment plan based on an assessment of your IT environment, workforce needs, and business requirements.

In-depth Technology Planning Sessions

Learn how Microsoft products and services fit within your environment through in-depth technology planning sessions.

Demonstrate value and return on investment

Demonstrate the value of your custom deployment plan and solution with a plan-reinforcing proof of concept or pilot. Benefit from:

  • Maximising return on your technology investments.
  • Increasing software utilisation through gaining insight into product functionalities and resources.
  • Customised deployment and technology planning.
  • A reduction in deployment costs.


Contact us to discuss your requirements and claim your vouchers before 1st Feb 2020.

DPS days are available in engagements of 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 days.

Our specialists will be able to advise you on the best use of your DPS days to get the
maximum benefit for your organisation.